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About Me

Daniel is a Marine Corps Veteran and lifelong resident of Delhi Township.  He graduated from Xavier University with a degree in Business Management and is now currently attending Xavier working towards his MBA.

The issues

Restore Local Government Funding

For a decade, politicians in Columbus have been taking away the funding that goes towards our communities.  This causes our Townships and Cities to raise your taxes and puts the funding of our first responders at risk.  We have to restore these local funds and help lower your taxes.

Rebuild Ohio

The residents of District 8 have failing bridges and roads all around us.  We have to make sure that our taxes and the newly increased gas tax returns those funds to our area so we can work to repair our infrastructure. 

Repair Our Politics

We need more veterans involved in our politics.  Veterans took an oath to this country to put aside our own personal differences and put the needs of the country first.  We need this attitude in Ohio.  People who have the ability to work across the aisle and put the needs of Ohio before our own in order to get things done.

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